A Community Perspective on the Inclusion of Pregnant Women in Tuberculosis Drug Trials


Affecting both mother and the existing pregnancy, tuberculosis (TB) increases the likelihood of poor birth outcomes. Despite substantial clinical need for TB prevention and treatment, pregnant women remain neglected by research initiatives. As members of 3 community advisory boards that provide input into TB drug trials, we offer a community perspective on the inclusion of pregnant women in TB drug research and discuss (1) our perspective on the risk/benefit tradeoff of including pregnant women in research to address different forms of TB; (2) recent examples of progress in this area; (3) lessons learned from the human immunodeficiency virus research field, where pregnant women have enjoyed better-although imperfect-representation in research; and (4) recommendations for different stakeholders, including researchers, regulatory authorities, ethics committees, and policymakers.


McKenna, L., Frick, M., Lee, C., Namutamba, D., Smit, L., Theunissen, M., ... & Seaworth, B. (2017). A community perspective on the inclusion of pregnant women in tuberculosis drug trials. Clinical Infectious Diseases65(8), 1383-1387.
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