Nigeria Tuberculosis Legal Environment Assessment


The objective of the Nigeria Tuberculosis (TB) Legal Environment Assessment (LEA) is to create an enabling legal environment for people with TB, TB survivors, their families and people at risk of the disease in Nigeria. This, in turn, will promote better individual health outcomes and TB program performance. To achieve this, the LEA examines the laws, policies and case law that constitute the legal and policy framework related to TB in Nigeria to identify those that support the fight against TB, those that hinder these efforts, and gaps in the framework where new law or policy is needed. The assessment leads to concrete recommendations, including reforms to existing law and policy, enactment of new law and policy, and capacity-building for key stakeholders and decision-makers.


Nigeria Tuberculosis Legal Environment Assessment. (2018). USAID, Stop TB Partnership, UNOPS, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Bluhm Legal Clinic, University of Chicago Law School International Human Rights Clinic, Communication for Development Centre.

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