Scoping the scene: Photovoice in TB research


PV is an arts based participatory research methods rooted in feminist methodology. It has seldom been used in TB research although it holds promise for enhancing the visibility of people’ experiences with TB while also serving as a tool for empowerment.

Photovoice in TB Resources:

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“TB Photovoice improves the overall health of individuals and communities by using images, stories and dialogue to give a powerful voice to people affected by tuberculosis. We are the only U.S. nonprofit exclusively devoted to supporting and honoring all people around the globe impacted by TB by documenting their experiences and sharing their insights with the world.”


SSHIFTB interviews

Interview: TB + Photovoice in Papua New Guinea Agnes Mek and Paula Jops


Interview: Photovoice research on TB + Gender in Nigeria: Toyosi Adekeye and Beate Ringwald

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