The impact of war on TB in Europe and Central Asia: GCRF TB-SRPN Event


The GCRF Social Policy Research Network (TB-SRPN) was set up with the aim to facilitate the generation of evidence to inform public health policies to reduce the tuberculosis (TB) burden in post-Soviet countries and promote ongoing knowledge exchange among researchers, civil society activists and policy makers. Political events in Belarus and the war against Ukraine escalated by the Russian Federation in February 2022 disrupted many of the planned activities of the SPRNetwork. At the same time, we have been able to capitalise on what we managed to build prior to the war escalation and in a speedy manner support rapid assessment of the needs of people living with TB within Ukraine and facilitate the discussion of the links between the war conditions and tuberculosis in current realities.

The GCRF TB-SRPN Event “The impact of war on TB in Europe and Central Asia” will bring together researchers, civil society activities, representatives of national public health authorities and international organisations to discuss the already documented and potential impact of the war waged against Ukraine on the situation with tuberculosis in Ukraine, the neighboring region and in entire Europe.

The event’s agenda includes two sessions: 

Session 1: The situation in Ukraine

Session 2: Spillovers from war: new challenges for Europe and Central Asia

The event will be held online at zoom. Working language is English, translation into Russian will be available.

Read more information about this event on their website or fill in the registration form to join the meeting.

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