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Mar 1st 2022

SSHIFTB invites you to contribute to the TB social science dialogue on this World TB Day.

We are launching a special series of videos to de-mystify TB social science work. We invite you to respond to one both of the following questions by uploading a video. Please feel free to invite your graduate students or trainees!

  • Tell us about one interesting social science TB project you are working on
  • Tell us what your favourite social science theory is and explain the point of it in simple terms!
Remember to state your name and location, and keep your videos < 30 seconds! Don’t worry if you slip up; we will edit it out!

No login is required!

Share YOUR World TB Day Event

We will frequently update our site with World TB Day Events. If you or your organization is involved in a World TB Day event, do let us know by completing this form!


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