SSHIFTB & TB PPM Webinar: How to ensure that quality TB care is people-centered TB care?

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Global health practitioners, policy makers, and planners are increasingly recognizing the importance of perspectives from communities, TB survivors and people with TB for high quality interventions. Yet, the design and planning of TB programs centered on coverage and efficiency over people-centeredness. Social science data on healthcare seeking, social determinants and the needs and preferences of program users (people with TB) as well as implementers (providers) are often missed.

Studies involving ‘mystery patients’ from India and South Africa offer valuable insights on the quality of TB care. But is quality of TB care the same as people-centered care? Who sets the parameters of quality anyway?

In this webinar we focus on understanding the link between TB providers and affected communities to illuminate tensions in the delivery of, and agency among people with TB to promote/demand/expect quality people-centered TB care. Some of the overall questions guiding this webinar are:

  • What are key challenges for communities affected by TB to reach and receive quality TB care?
  • How do private and public providers provide quality TB care that is also people-centered – is there a difference?
  • What are key lessons to improve quality people-centred TB care?

Panel Presentations (5-10min each):

  • ‘Person-centred care in practice: merits, needs and tensions’ – Handaa Enkh-Amgalan, Mongolia
  • People-centred care and patient agency: observations from two studies in malawi and South Africa – Jeremiah Chikovore, South Africa
  • ‘Treating physician insights negotiating patient’s needs and quality care’ – Andrew McDowell, India
  • The experience of client actors as a proxy of patient voice- Jody Boffa, South Africa

Panel Discussion: Moderated by Dr Vijayashree Yellappa
Q & A

This webinar is co-hosted by SSHIFTB and TBPPM. For background documents and more information, please visit: https://www.tbppm.org/page/People-centered-care

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