Jul 14th 2023

Submit to WHO's new TB Research Tracker


As you might have read , WHO recently launched a TB research tracker, an online platform to track ongoing TB research .

The TB research tracker will serve as a single access point consolidating the latest information on TB clinical trials and operational research studies. Users can search and filter the information by date, content, title, relevance, and type of study.

SSHIFTB is happy to announce that WHO is accepting social science studies that happen either alongside existing clinical studies or are conducted independently of any trial,as standalone studies, as part of their tracker. Please consider submitting your ongoing research studies to this tracker using the attached form and below email address.

Your submission will help in building a database that supports all pillars of the End TB Strategy. It will also allow your research and social science research on TB more generally to gain visibility and results to feed into WHO decision processes including the GRADE process.

At this stage WHO is primarily interested in ongoing studies. However, if you have a recently completed study, please do submit and they will consider posting it as well.

If you are submitting please note that all fields are mandatory and submit one form per study. Also, please clearly indicate in the description if it is a standalone social science project or happening in the context of a trial.

Please download and fill out the form attached here.You can send the filled forms to gegiam@who.int

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.