Nov 14th 2022

Opportunity: Special request from BMC Global and Public Health and Dr.Amrita Daftary


Health-related stigma is a global, multi-level social phenomenon that can negatively affect stigmatized groups as well as the communities they live in. The effect of stigma on individuals is varied and can include isolation, public embarrassment, depression, anxiety, loss of access to material and social resources including health care services, abuse, and violence. Health-related stigma is a major barrier to achieving optimal health outcomes for affected populations.

To capture global efforts and novel approaches in this multi-disciplinary area, BMC Global and Public Health is pleased to announce a call for papers for our upcoming collection entitled ‘Stigma and mental health in infectious diseases’, guest edited by Dr. Amrita Daftary, from the School of Global Health, York University, Canada and Dr. Jeremiah Chikovore, from the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa. 

We are now inviting the submission of manuscripts of outstanding interest covering the breadth of multi-disciplinary studies, ranging from observational to interventional that are focused on the relationship between infectious disease-related stigma and mental health, resilience and quality of life. We envision this work to inform future research, frameworks, intervention development, and policy.

For more information and where to submit research, click here 

Submission Deadline: May 4, 2023