Evaluating the Impact of Cash Transfers Plus on Tuberculosis (TB) Care

Project Info

Evaluating the Impact of Cash Transfers Plus on Tuberculosis (TB) Care (The ExaCT TB Study) is a multi-center trial that aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a multi-faceted social protection intervention incorporating cash transfers plus social support on improving TB diagnostic evaluation outcomes among patients using a quasi-experimental approach. The intervention evaluation will include assessment of : 1) feasibility of implementing a social protection implementation through public health systems; 2)  effectiveness of social protections in improving health and socioeconomic outcomes; and 3) modifying targeted patient-centered barriers to TB care.

We have identified 10 trial sites that meet our eligibility criteria and have agreed to trial participation, initiated patient level data abstraction to establish our baseline period, and have conducted surveys and interviews with patients at trial sites: information which will be used to inform and refine the final design of our intervention. At the completion of these baseline activities, roll-out of our intervention at participating sites will begin and continue over the course of 1 year. In addition to continued abstraction of patient-level register data, other data collection activities throughout the study period include patient surveys and patient/provider interviews and economic analyses.

Geographies Uganda

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