HIV-Testing for Life…HIV Testing for All Tuberculosis Patients: an entry point for TB patients to access to HIV prevention and care


For whom is this book made?

This book is made for…health care workers responsible for TB clinics, out-patient and in-patient departments who are responsible for HIV counseling and testing for TB patients but may lack experience in or do not recognize the importance of HIV testing. Some staff may want to offer HIV testing but the policymakers do not support it.

This book is made for…facilitating government and private health facilities to adhere to the “International Standards for Tuberculosis Care for HIV high prevalent settings.

This book is made for…promoting every TB patient’s access to HIV counseling and testing so that they can have equal access to HIV prevention and care which ultimately lead to reducing deaths and increasing survival of people infected by TB and HIV


Ngamvithayapong, J. (2007). HIV testing for life… HIV testing for all tuberculosis patients. An entry point for tuberculosis patients to access HIV prevention and care.
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