Jens Seeberg

Aarhus University

Bio Sketch

Jens Seeberg is a professor in medical anthropology and global health at Dept. of Anthropology, Aarhus University. He has earlier worked as a social scientist in the World Health Organization and as a health systems research advisor in the TB control programme in India. His main research focus in recent years has been on antimicrobial resistance, especially in connection with tuberculosis in India. He is lead on the anthropological component of the project ‘How Democracies Cope with COVID-19’ (HOPE) and PI of the project ‘People, Pigs and Microbes: Biotic Socialities in a Rural Community in Denmark’ that links anthropology, microbiology and animal science in the tracing of MRSA and E-coli, to begin in autumn 2021, and he is lead on the Aarhus University engagement as an affiliated partner with UCL in the Sonar-Global network.

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