Nora Engel

Founder SSHIFTB Associate ProfessorDepartment of Health, Ethics & Society Maastricht University

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Nora Engel is a Founder of SSHIFTB. She is Associate Professor at Maastricht University’s Department of Health, Ethics, and Society. She applies methods and conceptual tools from Science and Technology Studies, medical sociology, anthropology, and innovation studies to study innovations and technological change for global health and sustainable development. She has a particular interest in how new technologies and interventions for global health challenges (such as tuberculosis) are being envisioned, developed, implemented and evaluated.

Her research is mostly in the field of tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, and (point-of-care) diagnostics, among others on innovation in TB control and policy, challenges to point of care testing, user perspectives of diagnostic technologies and testing programs, evaluation of mobile health solutions and innovation processes of point-of-care diagnostics for TB and HIV. She has conducted extensive empirical fieldwork in India and South Africa as well as in the global health policy arena and has led and supervised research in other African and Asian countries as well. Nora is a Founder and Director of SSHIFTB.

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